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Dr. Joyce C. Mills

“Joyce Mills speaks straight from the heart to your heart. Joyce is a magical spellbinder who touches young and old in ways that help us experience the joy of living” “ Dr. Joyce Mills speaks straight from the heart to your heart. Joyce is a magical spellbinder who touches young and old in ways that help us experience the joy of living” –Carl A. Hammerschlag, M.D. CPAE Author of Dancing Healers, Theft of the Spirit, & Healing Ceremonies Winner of 1988
National Caring Award; www.healingdoc.com

 “Dr. Joyce Mills’ presentation leaves the participant thoroughly absorbed, delighted and informed. I highly recommend her workshops who seek to reach the child within.” Steven Gilligan Ph.D. author “The Courage to Love, Therapeutic Trances; http://stephengilligan.com/index.html

“Joyce Mills is a talented and skilled workshop leader. She has the ability to touch my soul while teaching me.” – Violet Oaklander, Ph.D. Author, Windows to our Children:http://www.vsof.org/about.html

“After attending my first workshop with Dr Joyce Mills, I had to buy and read more of her work. Her material is creative, culturally diverse, sound in teaching, rich in wisdom, and invitingly presented. She is one of the most playfully innovative thinkers and teachers in our field.” – George W Burns, Clinical Psychologist Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Edith Cowan University

“Joyce Mills is not only the world’s leading creator of therapeutic metaphors she is a brilliant brain tingling and heart-warming presenter. She will certainly change the way you approach life.”- Monika Jephcott, President Play Therapy International

Dr. Joyce Mills is one of the most talented, imaginative, and creative child therapists in our field. Joyce was the first to bring the rich contributions of Milton Erickson to the play therapy room. Her creative use of metaphors, drawings and storytelling has deeply informed and inspired my work with children’s drawings and storytelling. I attended a two day workshop in NYC that Joyce gave in 1988 and my clinical work was changed forever. A masterful clinician; a dynamic presenter; Joyce is also a wonderful, warm, and truly inspirational human being! –David A. Crenshaw, Ph.D., ABPP, RPT-S Founder of Rhinebeck Child and Family Center, LLC, Faculty Associate, Johns Hopkins University

I attended your workshop in Michigan this weekend and want to thank you
for such a wonderful experience.  I have attended many workshops but none
where I worked as hard and left feeling so good.  Your genuineness and
sincerity in presenting and facilitating made it a very warm and comfortable
environment.  Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us. – Theresa Gibson, School Social WorkerWexford-Missaukee Intermediate School District, Cadillac, Michigan

Joyce brings new life to the butterfly metaphor. In her workshop I discovered and re-discovered heart connections, especially with my own ‘imaginal discs.’ Today I recognize a ‘safe leaf’ with greater ease and notice greater respect for the crysalis period. Thus, transformation and healing are deeper, wiser . . . my own and for those I dance with.”
Linda Simpson, Phoenix Friends of C.G. Jung,

From parent: “Dr. Joyce’s approach to play therapy has helped us not only cope, but given us the comfort to know that our kid’s emotional and mental needs are addressed in a holistic manner.”   Robert and Clara, parents of Elizabeth, age 7.

From child: “Dr. Joyce is nice and she is fun…she makes me feel happy inside.” – Elizabeth, age 7.

Parent: Dr. Mills has given me a gift, she has been able reach a side of my son, I was unsure existed.  A child who communicates and shares freely his thoughts where we find it hard to come by at home.  Via her methods, I find her insight invaluable in regards to developing techniques for reaching my son,  As a parent, I am able to be more aware of subtle clues in regards to his behavior and play and better able to respond. My child looks forward to the visits and finds them aspecial treat that seem to give him a “private” outlet to share himself.Invaluable.

Child: “It’s fun and I feel good! – John, age 10


“Dr. Joyce Mills is one of the best female speakers I have ever heard. Not only is she the most knowledgeable on her subject matter, but she also connects with her audience by genuinely caring about each individual. She is energetic, enthusiastic, witty, and compassionate. Her keynote speeches and seminars are life-changing events for those who attend.” – Joan E. Gustafson, Success and Leadership Dynamics, leaderdynamics.com www.leaderdynamics.com

“Your presentation was spectacular and thought-provoking, on behalf of our entire team, we thank you!” – Cindie  Hubiak, President & CEO – Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants www.ascpa.com

Dr. Joyce Mills is the charter member of the Phoenix eWomenNetwork chapter which started in 2001. Joyce was then and continues to be today an engaging force within our chapter. She always volunteers to help at all events. She has connected with the other members as an inspiring force. Her enthusiasm for finding the hidden gifts in a person has manifested itself in her beautiful book; Butterfly Wisdom. Joyce has an ability to embrace each of us as we are and to inspire us to find ourselves without any judgment of our choices. Her imagination and proven therapy systems guide us to self-discovery.  She is known as the “Fun Lady”, and as a therapist shows us how to include fun in our daily lives. She is a lot of fun, very inspirational and all of the members appreciate her unique and creative solutions to any situation presented.

It has been my privilege to serve as her chapter leader for the past 4 years. Rosemary Price – Former Executive Managing Director; Phoenix – 480-429-6997

“One of my most favorite people, Joyce C. Mills, Ph.D., is the most amazing person at using metaphors to share her messages! Story-teller extraordinaire… and I had never really thought about the power of compressing ideas to something more concise – more to “relate” to something already understood. – Anna Weber, Voices in Printwww.voicesinprint.com

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