StoryPlay® Parent Coaching

Creative Solutions for Positive Change with Dr. Joyce Mills, Award-winning Author & Psychotherapist


What is StoryPlay® Parent Coaching?

This unique process shows parents how to use the elements of storytelling, creativity and play to achieve successful parenting outcomes.  At its heart, StoryPlay® Parent Coaching focuses upon the natural inner resources, skills, and inner strengths of each parent and child to be used as the “seeds” for cultivating the desired emotional environment necessary for healthy child development and family harmony. 

Why use StoryPlay® Parent Coaching? 

Child research tells us that Play is the language of children, and Creativity is the language of Play. Research also illuminates the importance of storytelling for healthy brain and social development. With this research in mind, the StoryPlay® Parent Coaching process speaks the language of children and shows parents how to use their child’s natural inner strengths to cultivate compassion, creative solutions for problem-solving, overcome obstacles, and foster emotional well-being. 

Who is StoryPlay® Parent Coaching for?

Parents who feel overwhelmed by the challenges of parenthood.

Parents looking to learn new approaches for reducing personal and family stress, while enhancing family joy – a reconnection to life’s happiness.

Parents who want to raise emotionally happy, motivated, and compassionate children.

If you are seeking emotional happiness for your child or family, then StoryPlay® Parent Coaching is for you.


StoryPlay® Parent Coaching Package (value $850)

  • Four one hour face-to-face coaching sessions 
  • All materials
  • E-mail support (one in between each session)
  • Four 20 minute Phone check-ins after each session
  • Bonus CD – Restocking Your Inner Shelves: How to fill yourself up when you’re feeling empty with Mini-Mind Vacation Exercise.

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