Comfort the Bear – A story just for you by Joyce C. Mills


My name is Comfort and I am a very special bear. Now, you may be wondering just how I got my name. Well, this is the story that my mother told to me when I was a very small bear cub and now I’m going to tell it you.

Once upon a time, a long time ago there was a cave deep in the mountains. While inside of this cave, a beautiful, big mother bear gave birth just as the moon was the brightest. All through the winter the mother bear took care of her cub in her own special way. Everything was cozy and perfect; except for only one problem…she couldn’t find the proper name for her cub. Bears are very wise you see, and they know that choosing just the right name is extremely important. Like the nose prints on their faces, each bear is just a little bit different from the other bears.

Well, as the story goes, this mother bear slept and slept, and while she slept she dreamed about her little one who was nestled comfortably right beside her. One day as she was sleeping, a great noise occurred somewhere outside of the cave. The mother bear stirred restlessly in her sleep, but her little cub remained calm and nuzzled close to her warm fuzzy belly. And then something unexpected happened. The mother bear’s restlessness disappeared and she began to feel calm and peaceful, although the unknown noise continued outside. Somehow, even in her sleep, the mother bear realized that the closer her cub nestled into her soft underbelly, the more comfort and peace she felt inside.

It was the time of awakening when the mother bear gave a deep-bellied sigh and opened her round brown eyes. She looked lovingly at her little cub that remained sleeping restfully beside her and whispered, “My little one, I now know your name. It came to me in my dreamtime. Your name is Comfort. Yes, that’s right. Comfort shall be your name from this day forth.”

When the springtime came, the mother bear lumbered out of her cave with her little cub Comfort right behind her. Once they were outside in the sunlight, the proud mother bear gave a mighty roar and announced the name of her new cub to the whole mountainside. “From this day forth my cub is known as ‘Comfort’ and her purpose in life is to soothe worries and sadness and bring feelings of inner peace and love to all she visits.

Well, that is the story of how I got my name. So here I am, just for You. Remember to hold me close and repeat my name “Comfort,” and the gifts of peace and love I have come to share will be with you always.

Bear Hugs and Kisses,

Comfort the Bear

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