Tools of Kindness™

Tools of Kindness™:  Building a Community of Compassionate Children

 With the current research indicating the serious effects verbal and physical bullying have on our children, we all need tools in one way or another to help fix this problem.  Research also shows us that developing strategies for building an environment of Kindness is the antidote for bullying. With this in mind, Tools of Kindness™ will show children how to develop words and actions for choosing helpfulness over hurting, compassion over insensitivity, calmness over anger. 


Using her puppet friend, BT the Turtle, Dr. Mills will create a playful atmosphere where she will interact with the children using various approaches and creative activities she has developed and implemented world-wide for over twenty-five years.  Among them will be:

  • The Magic Happy Breath – a mindful exercise to help children relax and reduce stress.
  • Words of Kindness – This creative activity helps children develop visual reminders of positive word choices. 
  • Children will be given a Kindness Community certificate at the end of the presentation. This certificate will congratulate children for participating in this program and encourage them to continue using what they have learned.

To bring the Tools of Kindness program to your school or organization contact Dr. Joyce Mills


Joyce C. Mills, Ph.D. Founder of StoryPlay®

Known for her warm, dynamic and inspirational style, Dr. Mills is the recipient of the 1997 Annual International Play Therapy Award. Founder and director of The StoryPlay® Center in Scottsdale, Arizona and Co-Director of the Phoenix Institute of Ericksonian Therapy, Dr. Joyce Mills has developed StoryPlay® a resiliency-based approach for helping children, families, and communities heal from trauma and disaster. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a registered Play Therapy Supervisor, and professor of Child Psychotherapy and Play Therapy. Dr. Mills is the best-selling author of Reconnecting to the Magic of Life, Little Tree, Gentle Willow, and Sammy the Elephant & Mr. Camel.  She is co-author of the award-winning book (2014) Therapeutic Metaphors for Children and the Child Within (2nd Edition) & Butterfly Wisdom: Four Passages to Transformation.  To learn more, visit:

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