Child & Teen Enrichment

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Creative Activities That Inspire Children & Teens to Soar

We know that children have a driving need to expand their awareness and to discover new possibilities at every turn of their developmental process.

However, that natural curiosity often gets shrouded by stress,
expectations, demands, bullying, peer pressure, low self-esteem and
self-worth, and an overall disconnection from life’s joy.

With a clear mission to inspire children and teens to soar, the resiliency-based
StoryPlay® Child & Teen Enrichment Program, provides proven creative
and experiential tools that will show them how to overcome obstacles, enhance emotional literacy, and improve problem-solving skills.

StoryPlay® Child & Teen Enrichment Program Benefits include:

  • Achieve emotional wellness
  • Connect with compassion
  • Develop creative solutions for problem solving
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Discover inner strengths and resources
  • Develop life skills and self-empowerment
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Build focus
  • Reduce stress
  • Foster resiliency
  • Enhance self-acceptance
  • Learn communication and socialization skills
  • Make positive choices and decisions

Each creative activity in the StoryPlay® Child & Teen Enrichment Program
has the ability to successfully adapt to children with special needs. If a child
has more specific special needs and requirements, an aide or an instructional
assistant must be present.

StoryPlay® Child & Teen Enrichment Program Features

StoryCrafts™: motivational stories, metaphors, and specific creative
activities designed to inspire self-empowerment, resilience, problem-solving,
and emotional wellness in children and teens.

For over two-decades, StoryCrafts have been successfully implemented
with children and teens throughout the world in a variety of settings, cultures, languages
and age groups.

StoryCraft™ Highlights

1.  Dreaming Pots – a tangible activity that reconnects children and teens to those symbols of their dreams which evoke joy, empowerment and self-appreciation.

2.  Life-Story Puzzle – providing an expressive tool for children and teens to recognize
each aspect of their own unique personal story as an essential element of their life. Additionally, the Life-Story Puzzle is an excellent team building activity.

3.  Collage of Determination – a resourceful activity that connects children and teens with images that represent determination, which is a key aspect for building self-confidence and success.

4.  Identity Shield – an imaginative activity that identifies and brings forth
the symbols that best represent the essence of self- identity.

5.  Gratitude Tree – designed to help children and teens recognize, activate, and
reconnect to the feelings of thankfulness, appreciation, and gratefulness
in their lives.

6.  Butterfly Magic – intended to show children and teens how the four passages of
the butterfly’s transformation can be an inspirational and practical model
for overcoming obstacles by staying connected to their inner gifts and unique

7.  Pathway to Success Map – shows children and teens how to identify goals,
overcome obstacles and enhance inner resources.

8. The Star Who You Are – To help children identify their inner strengths and talents – their “twinkle.” To build self-esteem and encourage children to share their inner gifts with others.

9. Hands of Kindness – To build a community of compassionate children and teens by focusing on Kindness, the antidote to bullying. To inspire them to choose helpfulness over hurting, calmness over anger.

10. Happy Heart Collage – To provide a creative way for children to express their feelings and develop empathy.

To bring the StoryPlay® Child & Teen Enrichment Program to your school or organization, please contact Dr. Joyce