Please enjoy these articles, which have been written by Dr. Joyce C. Mills, Ph.D. And please check back from time to time as we will be posting more articles. Thanks!

  • Creating a Peace Garden
    Since the tragedy that struck America on September 11th, I have received countless calls and e-mails from therapists, teachers, and parents around the country asking what they can do to help their children at this time of sadness, fear, and uncertainty. During one such conversation, a friend said that her ten year-old son felt fear most of the time and didn’t know what to do. After a few days of contemplation and meditation, I had a dream in which children were creating a “Peace Garden.” Upon awakening I decided to nurture the message of this dream. Gardens are powerful metaphors for our lives. We decide what we want to plant and nurture, as well as what we want to trim back or remove altogether.
  • Restocking My Shelves
    “Create a ‘dream picture’ for yourself, by drawing symbols of what you want to do for yourself in both your personal and business life.”
  • Sole Survivors
    “Each pair of shoes was like an old photo album carrying vivid pictures of treasured moments…Now my closet has room for new shoes to travel with me on the path ahead.”
  • Gems of Change
    “I now know that each experience has helped to smooth my rough edges and helped me to look at my life with greater dimension.”
  • Tadpoles as Teachers
    “By letting go of what I no longer needed, I wouldn’t be losing anything, but instead, I would be gaining greater mobility to move along in life.”