Course Objectives

Dr. Joyce Mills provides children, adolescents, and families who have experienced abuse, adversity and trauma with the therapeutic steppingstones for rediscovering joy, empowerment, and the inspiration to soar.

Participants will be able to:

1. Define three essential elements of the StoryPlay® play therapy model.

2. Identify the origins and six roots of StoryPlay model.

3. Ascertain two aspects related to the neuro-importance of play and storytelling

4. Creatively utilize cultural values in the process of healing historical trauma for

adolescents and families

5. Apply two core principles of Ericksonian psychotherapy to facilitate positive change.

6. Identify the four stages of the Therapeutic Metamorphosis process of healing,

empowerment, and transformational change used in the StoryPlay play therapy model

for individuals, couples, and families

7. Demonstrate how to apply the StoryPlay® steps for creating and utilizing therapeutic

Storytelling and Artistic metaphors in a play and family therapy setting.

8. Learn how to identify and utilize a child’s blocked sensory system in a multi-sensory,

individual and family play therapy and educational setting.

9. Recognize how to utilize the elements of our natural ecology as co-play and family

therapists in the quest for positive change and healing.

10. Learn multiple StoryCrafts – creative, experiential and play therapy activities that

facilitate natural healing for individual clients and families.

11. Develop Living and Ritual Metaphors to facilitate an on-going healing process outside of

the session.

12. Demonstrate how each element of the twelve modules are integrated in practice.